Relaxation Facials & Massage

Relaxation Facials & Massage

A wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health & mental well-being. Choose your signature scent which is then incorporated into your facial, mask, massage & guided meditation leaving you inspired to ‘choose your ‘tude’.

Enjoy our signature welcoming ritual, hydrating & revitalising mask, triple action eye treat, firming facial massage, plus massage to the scalp, neck, shoulders, hands & arms.

Facial Only | 60 MIN $160

with Back Massage | 90 MIN $200

Long smooth strokes that are both rhythmic & flowing. Pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not painful.

Full Body | 60 min $140

Back, Neck & Shoulders | 45 min $110

Take a deep breath in & let the aromas of essential oils calm your mind before starting your journey. Enjoy a rhythmic & slow flowing full body hot oil massage with soothing stones to further deepen relaxation, finished with a pressure point scalp massage.

Full Body | 75 MIN $150

Full Body with Face Massage | 90 MIN $175

Using the healing powers of LED Light Therapy & Magnesium, this treatment will induce relaxation, soothe tired muscles & relieve tension where you feel it most. Enjoy a journey from your feet upwards, bringing relief to the back of legs, full back, neck, shoulders & pressure point scalp massage.

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