About Sapphire Skin Studio

We are a small family owned business building a brand from the ground up. We believe in good old fashioned customer service.

We don’t push our therapists to ‘get in and out’ as many clients a day as possible, we take our time to consult you, get to know you, learn more about you. Also, are you a dog or cat person?! We LOVE animals!

We are not a franchise with the backing of cashed up investors (most not even trained in our industry) who can afford to charge ridiculous, cut throat prices. When you purchase from us you really are supporting our dreams!

We take the time to develop our therapists to be the best they can be, learning doesn’t end with the completion of a qualification, each month we take time to expand our knowledge. 

Not only are we passionate about our careers, but we are passionate about all things skin and how we can help our clients achieve their skin dreams!

We respect our industry, ourselves and our years of training and experience.

Because of this, you won’t find the cheapest prices, but you will find a little business that cares about you, and rewards you for your continued loyalty, because we truly do appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

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