Sapphire Skin Studio is proud to offer body contouring using advanced technology called Med2Contour. This unique device offers targeted body contouring using Ultrasound Fat Cavitation.

  • Pain Free
  • No Downtime
  • Treat arms, abdomen, back, thighs, buttock

Fat cavitation is a non invasive treatment using ultrasound technology. Once in contact with your chosen area, a hand piece emits ultrasound waves that cause tiny bubbles to break down fat cells into a liquid form, which is then eliminated naturally through your body over 3 days.

This pain free treatment essentially incorporates 3 key steps:

1. Lymph Node activation – a handpiece is applied to stimulate your lymphatic system which feels like a pumping sensation. This is performed above clavical bone, underarms, near groin & back of knees.

2. Low frequency ultrasound is emitted in the treatment area, and feels like a warm stone massage.

3. Lymphatic Drainage – a handpiece helps to eliminate the fatty liquids released from the ultrasound, gentle pumping sensation over the treated area.

Fat cavitation is to target small areas of fat and help contour your body, it isn’t a weight loss treatment.

The ideal candidate for body contouring are clients following a healthy lifestyle and already at their ideal weight and have realistic expectations.

Some clients who are on a weight loss journey like to have this treatment done to help keep them motivated and accountable, this is fine as they have realistic expectations.

The treatment is not suitable for clients with active heart disease or vascular disease, pacemakers, thrombosis, patients requiring medical transplants, pregnancy and breast feeding, individuals with metal protheses or any serious illness, or for those who are taking lipid lowering drugs or anticoagulant drugs.

We can treat upper arms, upper or lower abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, buttock, banana roll (under buttock fat) hips, back, bra roll, calves.

Fat cavitation is also highly effective in reducing cellulite and smoothing out the skin.

Each treatment area is the size of an A5 sheet of paper, and both sides of the body are included in each appointment/pricing.

Results vary for each client, as a guide we would recommend starting with a minimum of 6 treatments on the same body area, however some clients with stubborn areas may need more treatments. Results are permanent so long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle inclusive of diet & exercise.

No. Fat cavitation is to target small areas of stubborn fat and help contour your body, it is not a weight loss treatment therefore you should have realistic expectations.

No, there is no pain or downtime with this treatment. Overall client’s find the experience to be relaxing as the fat cavitation can feel like a warm stone massage.

Ideally a minimum of 6 treatments should be performed, once per week.

For clients who want to fast track their treatments, a minimum of 3 days must pass between each treatment. 

For atleast 24 hours prior to your body contouring treatment:

  • Reduce carbs, fats & salt from diet
  • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol & caffeine
  • Eat light, fresh, unprocessed foods
  • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water
  • Stay active – ideally engage in exercise.

For 3 days after your fat cavitation treatment:

  • Continue to consume 2-3 litres of water
  • Engage in daily exercise to burn or eliminate the liquified fat, to avoid reabsorption.
  • Body brushing can be beneficial to topically stimulate lymphatic system.
  • Maintain a low carbohydrate, low fat, and low sugar & salt diet. This is to ensure your body utilises or eliminates the triglycerides (a type of body fat) released by the fat cavitation process instead of storing it.


Choose from hips, abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, buttock, back of arms. Price includes both sides.

Include x2 area’s in the same session, e.g inner thigh & outer thigh.

$600 | x1 Area (x6 @ $100 each, save $300)

$1000 | x2 Areas (x6 @ $167 each, save $500)

same area must be treated at each visit.

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