Includes consultation, custom skin treatment, skin prescription, plus take home a starter kit with 4 mini products to get you started on your journey (total value of this appointment is $214).

Custom skin treatment will either be LED Light Therapy or Results Peel depending on your skin.


A consultation regarding your skin concerns, with the fee redeemable towards products purchased in the same visit.

If this is your first IPL treatment with us, or it has been longer than 3 months, a consultation & test patch is mandatory 48 hours prior to treatment. 

Redeemable towards SPF or Medi Soothe.

You may also be prescribed a tyrosinase inhibitor (pigment blocker, $121).


For instantly plumper & smoother skin. Combining a full face of RF Skin Tightening with Oxygeneo & Infusion (save $80).

A treatment mask designed to work with your circulatory system – a vital component of skin health. This flushes the skin with your own fresh oxygenated blood, aiding in the removal of toxins while supplying your skin with essential vitamins and minerals. A must for any client concerned with inflammatory skin concerns.

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive removal of peach fuzz hair from face & sides of neck. Includes facial & calming hydration mask along with a relaxing experience. Recommended before special occasion makeup.

A unique thermal treatment which feels like a soft warm cloud massaged into your face. Best for acne, sensitive or dull skin. This facial delivers a boost of oxygen to soften, soothe & purify, finished with LED Light Therapy & hand and arm massage. Complimentary Extractions included. Pregnancy Safe.

A deep cleanse followed by hydrating hydrogel mask. Bathe your skin in combination light therapy for firmer, hydrated, glowing skin.

Ultrasonic infusion technology delivers a blend of hyaluronic acid, peptides & vitamins deep into the skin via a sculptured mask for instantly hydrated skin.

Peels & Advanced Facials

Perfect for serious skin results while busy & on a budget. Includes deep cleanse, customised peel & SPF.

Includes a deep cleanse & polish, customised peel, clinical mask, along with scalp massage.

A deep cleanse & beautifully scented scrub followed by a custom peel for the face & neck, plus an alginate mask or LED light therapy, inclusive of a pamper where appropriate.

Includes anti aging peel for face, neck & decolletage, plus collagen boosting LED light therapy.

A boost of LED light along with either x2 peels in the one treatment, or a single high strength peel. For clients who have prepped their skin under our recommendations.

$240 Enzyme Peel (x4 @ $60 each)

$360 Results Peel & Mask (x4 @ $90 each)

$450 Sapphire Skin Workout (x4 @ $112 each)

$540 Anti-Aging Peel & LED (x4 @ $135 each)

$540 LED & Power Peel (x4 @ $135 each)

LED Light Therapy

Includes a deep cleanse, mini peel, LED light custom to your needs along with hand & arm massage, and finishing skin care.

Includes a deep cleanse, a boost of LED Light and finishing products. Your therapist will leave the room while you relax.

$400 – x8 Express LED sessions over a 4 week period (works out to $50 each SAVE $240)

Microdermabrasion & Oxygeneo

The perfect deep cleansing facial, similar to a micro but delivers smoother, plumper & glowing skin! This treatment exfoliates, infuses & oxygenates the skin. Finished with a creamy mask & blissful neck & shoulder massage. Best for congested, pigmented or aging concerns.

Exfoliation, infusion & oxygenation for smooth, glowing skin.

Buffs the skin to remove cell build up & debris.

RF Skin Tightening

$150 Full Face
$120 Neck
$120 Decolletage
$210 Face & Neck
$180 Neck & Decolletage
$240 Face, Neck & Decolletage
$105 Hands
$600 Full Face (x6 @ $100 each, normally $150)
$480 Neck (x6 @ $80 each, normally $120)
$480 Decolletage (x6 @ $80 each, normally $120)
$840 Face & Neck (x6 @ $140 each, normally $210)
$720 Neck & Decolletage (x6 @ $120 each, normally $180)
$960 Face, Neck & Decolletage (x6 @ $160 each, normally $240)
$420 Hands (x6 @ $70 each, normally $105)

Dermapen Skin Needling

$250 Full Face

$280 Face & Neck

$300 Face, Neck & Decolletage

$30 Hands
$30 Dermapen Peel (Face)
$40 Dermapen Peel (Face & Neck)
$50 Dermapen Peel (Face, Neck & Dec)
$50 Dermapen Ampoule

$500 Face (x3 @ $166 each)
$560 Face & Neck (x3 @ $186 each)
$600 Face, Neck & Decolletage (x3 @ $200 each)

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

If this is your first IPL with us a consultation & test patch is mandatory at least 48 hours prior to treatment. 

Redeemable on Mineral Pro SPF.

You may be prescribed a tyrosinase inhibitor (pigment blocker, $121).

$160 Full Face
$200 Neck & Decolletage
$240 Face, Neck & Decolletage
$100 Back of Hands
$120 Cheeks & Nose
$100 Cheeks
$100 Nose
$100 Chin

$480 Full Face (x4 @ $120 each, normally $160)

$600 Neck & Decolletage (x4 @ $150 each, normally $200)

$720 Face, Neck & Decolletage (x4 @ $180 each, normally $240)

$300 Nose, Chin, Cheeks OR Hands (x4 @ $75 each, normally $100)

$360 Cheeks & Nose OR Chin (x4 @ $90 each, normally $120)

IPL Hair Reduction

If this is your first IPL with us a consultation & test patch is mandatory at least 48 hours prior to treatment. 


$29 – Top Lip & Chin
$69 – Underarms & Brazilian
$139 – 1/2 Leg, Brazilian & Underarm
$169 – Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarm

$20 – Top Lip
$20 – Chin
$40 – Sides of Face
$40 – Underarms
$30 – Basic Bikini
$40 – Extended Bikini
$50 – Brazilian
$60 – 1/2 Arms
$100 – Full Arms
$70 – 1/2 Legs
$120 – Full Legs
$20 – Toes & Feet
$50 Back of Neck
$90 Shoulders
$180 Full Back, Shoulders & Neck
$100 Chest
$100 Abdomen
$150 Chest & Abdomen

Body Contouring

Choose from hips, abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, buttock, back of arms. Price includes both sides.

Include x2 area’s in the same session, e.g inner thigh & outer thigh.

$600 | x1 Area (x6 @ $100 each, save $300)

$1000 | x2 Areas (x6 @ $167 each, save $500)

same area must be treated at each visit.


A wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health & mental well-being. Choose your signature scent which is then incorporated into your facial, mask, massage & guided meditation leaving you inspired to ‘choose your ‘tude’.

Enjoy our signature welcoming ritual, hydrating & revitalising mask, triple action eye treat, firming facial massage, plus massage to the scalp, neck, shoulders, hands & arms.

Facial Only | 60 MIN $160

with Back Massage | 90 MIN $200

Long smooth strokes that are both rhythmic & flowing. Pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not painful.

Full Body | 60 min $140

Back, Neck & Shoulders | 45 min $110

Take a deep breath in & let the aromas of essential oils calm your mind before starting your journey. Enjoy a rhythmic & slow flowing full body hot oil massage with soothing stones to further deepen relaxation, finished with a pressure point scalp massage.

Full Body | 75 MIN $150

Full Body with Face Massage | 90 MIN $175

Using the healing powers of LED Light Therapy & Magnesium, this treatment will induce relaxation, soothe tired muscles & relieve tension where you feel it most. Enjoy a journey from your feet upwards, bringing relief to the back of legs, full back, neck, shoulders & pressure point scalp massage.

Brows & Lashes

Lash Lift & Tint, Brow Wax plus choice of Tint or Dye. Finished with a triple action eye mask that visibly plumps, hydrates & brightens delicate skin.

A semi permanent lift & curl to your natural lashes to enhance lash length! Includes Lash Tint & Deep Conditioning Treatment to nourish, strengthen & protect lashes. Results will last 6-8 weeks with proper homecare.

A 30 minute appointment inclusive of eyebrow waxing, shaping, tweezing & trimming your brows to perfection along with NEW long lasting eyebrow dye (lasts up to 7 days on skin & up to 6 weeks on brows). 

A quick wax & tweeze with eyebrow tint. Does not include shaping or trimming.

A wax & tweeze, best for maintenance. Does not include shaping, trimming, tint or dye.

Spray Tanning

If you prefer to sleep in your tan then Minx is for you, if not, Minx solutions can be rinsed after 4-6 hours.

We have 4 beautiful shades to choose from, natural to dark.

The Sunescape original tans should be rinsed off after 2 hours.

Weekend In Bondi (2 hour tan) – provides a subtle, sunkissed glow, an ideal choice for brides, bridesmaids, first-time tanners.

Week in Fiji (2 hour tan) – an instant self-esteem boost that trims and tones, having everyone feeling five kilos lighter. Perfect for all skin tones, a Week in Fiji has teeth looking whiter, eyes appearing brighter and skin looking flawlessly bronzed.

Month in Maui (2 hour tan) – develops into a deep, dark bronze that leaves you looking like you’ve just returned from an extended, sun-soaked escape. For those seeking a more dramatic result and a major confidence boost, this shade is for you!

Summer in Santorini (1 hour rapid tan) – a fast acting tanning solution that gives skin a beautiful deep-olive, terracotta tan. Providing the ultimate deep chocolate shade to match any skin tone. Our darkest tan!

Bring a friend to your spray tan appointment and you can both save! Choose any of our Minx or Sunescape shades.


$18 Top Lip or Chin
$30 Top Lip & Chin
$30 Sides of Face
$35 Underarms
$35 Bikini Basic
$50 Bikini Extended
$65 Brazilian (4 weeks)
$90 Brazilian (5 weeks)
$30 1/2 Arm
$50 Full Arm
$45 1/2 Leg
$70 Full Leg
$15 Monobrow
$15 Nostril
$15 Ears
$25 Brows
$40 Chest
$70 Chest & Abdomen
$70 Full Back & Shoulders
$120 Chest, Abdomen, Back & Shoulders

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